Live Racing Warm-Up Policy


Attention Horseman — New This Season —Please Read

No horse trailers are allowed past barns 7 and 10 — 1-1/2 hours before post time of the first race. No Exceptions. The roadway (Richmond Ave side) now has gates and they will be locked 1-1/2 hours before first race post and you will not be able to drive out of the barn area.

After dropping horses off in barn area please park trailer in short term parking lot. No trailers are allowed to park in the road where back gate security shed is located or in the stable area with the exception of parking in front of barn 9. The ship in barn rotation this season is barn 10 (west), both sides of barn 12 and barn 8 east.

We now have a four-race paddock

Horses in the first four races are permitted to enter the paddock beginning at 5 p.m. the same as last year. The latest a horse may enter the paddock is on the sheet provided.

After the 4th race all horsemen must follow the designated paddock times. Please do not attempt to enter paddock any earlier than scheduled times as there will still be horses in paddock race stalls.

The listed times may change if there is an inquiry. That would push back post time thus the times to enter the paddock would also change.

Once a horse races and leaves the racetrack they must go directly to the wash stalls located in barn one. They do not go back to their paddock stall. There will be a horse in its place.

Horses will be allowed to warm up from both their ship in stalls and from barn area stalls (if stabled on the grounds) if you so wish.

Please note, horses are allowed to go out through the paddock gates to enter the racetrack to warm up at anytime, they just can’t stay in the paddock, instead, they must return to their respective barn until it’s their time to enter the paddock to race.***

There are also three warm up periods to go out on to the racetrack from the new track entrance located in front of barn-10. The times the new track entrance will be open are as follows:

Warm-up period one                               6:00 p.m. until 6:25 p.m.

Warm-up period one two                        After the race-2 until the post parade of upcoming race.

Warm-up period one three                     After race-4 until the post parade of upcoming race.

Back track gates (in front of ban-10) will close when horses enter track for post parade. If a horse remains out on the track when post parade begins they must leave the racetrack via the paddock gate.

***All horses warming up must have a saddle pad number on or they are not allowed to enter the racetrack to warm-up. Numbers can be picked up in paddock beginning at 5 p.m. No Exceptions***

Todd Haight — Director/GM of Live Racing

Delacy Ford, Batavia New York
The Hotel at Batavia Downs

Must be 18 years of age or older to play video gaming machines or wager on horses. Please play responsibly.

Wagering on horse racing and playing Video Gaming Machines is entertaining and fun when done in a responsible manner. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call for 24-hour assistance at 1-877-8 HOPE NY or click HERE to visit the NY Council on Problem Gambling Support Directory. Click HERE for more information on our Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program.