Games at Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel

Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel Nearly 800 in-Demand Video Gaming Machines!

Discover why Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel is the area’s premier entertainment destination, with over 800 of the hottest and in-demand video gaming machines! We have lots of great new titles, with new ones added regularly! Make it a night to remember by visiting one of our great restaurants, staying the night or hotel, or wagering on our live harness races! We have something for everyone, so be sure to sign up for Player’s Club and take part in our exciting daily promotions and weekend cash drawings! Our list of games is below.

Floor LoctionThemeDenomination
No result
A18-015X Pay – 5 Line$1.00
G12-0450 Lions$0.01
G12-0350 Lions$0.01
A30-1050 Lions$0.01
A30-0850 Lions$0.01
F12-035 Treasures$0.01
F12-025 Treasures$0.01
F12-015 Treasures$0.01
E11-095 Treasures$0.01
E11-105 Treasures$0.01
E11-055 Treasures$0.01
E11-045 Treasures$0.01
E12-025 Dragons$0.01
E12-035 Dragons$0.01
H04-043X2X Super 7’s SAVP$0.01
A14-02100 Ladies AVP$0.01
E12-015 Dragons$0.01
A14-01100 Ladies AVP$0.01
A30-0950 Lions$0.01
H04-033X2X Super 7’s SAVP$0.01
G14-01All About Money Hot Shots$0.01
A21-05All About Money Hot Shot$0.01
A21-04All About Money Hot Shot$0.01
A21-03All About Money Hot Shot$0.01
I11-03African Riches$0.01
I09-01African Riches$0.01
A02-06African Riches$0.01
A02-05African Riches$0.01
F12-0688 Fortunes Red$0.01
F12-0588 Fortunes Red$0.01
F12-0488 Fortunes Red$0.01
A27-0888 Fortunes Red$0.01
H01-045x Pay SAVP$0.25
H01-025x Pay SAVP$0.25
A18-025X Pay – 5 Line$1.00
A02-04African Riches$0.01
A27-0588 Fortunes Red$0.01
A27-0688 Fortunes Red$0.01
A27-0788 Fortunes Red$0.01
E02-06American Original$0.01
E02-05American Original$0.01
D09-15American Original$0.01
D09-14American Original$0.01
D09-12American Original$0.01
D09-11American Original$0.01
D09-10American Original$0.01
D09-09American Original$0.01
D09-08American Original$0.01
A13-04American Original$0.01
A13-03American Original$0.01
A13-02American Original$0.01
A13-01American Original$0.01
G14-04All About Money Hot Shots$0.01
G14-03All About Money Hot Shots$0.01
G14-02All About Money Hot Shots$0.01
D09-13American Original$0.01
A13-05American Original$0.01
A21-09American Original$0.01
A21-10American Original$0.01
A05-01Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
G12-02Bier Haus$0.01
G12-01Bier Haus$0.01
A04-05Bier Haus$0.01
A04-04Bier Haus$0.01
A04-03Bier Haus$0.01
A04-01Bier Haus$0.01
A04-02Bier Haus$0.01
F17-01Betty Boop Love Meter$0.01
D04-10BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
D04-08BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
B04-03BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
B04-01BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
A26-04BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
A26-03BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
F07-03American Original$0.01
F07-02American Original$0.01
F07-01American Original$0.01
F17-02Betty Boop Love Meter$0.01
D04-06BAM Free Games SAVP$0.01
E10-07Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-05Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-04Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-03Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-01Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
A15-05Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
A15-04Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
A15-03Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
D07-04Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
D07-03Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
D07-02Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
D07-01Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
A05-05Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
A05-04Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
A05-02Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
A05-03Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
E10-02Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
D07-05Big City 5’s Progressive$0.01
A15-01Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
A15-02Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
F04-06Brazilian Beauty$0.01
F04-05Brazilian Beauty$0.01
F04-04Brazilian Beauty$0.01
B02-04Brazilia AVP$1.00
H02-01Bonus PokerMD2
I10-04Blazing Peppers$0.01
G08-02Blazing Peppers$0.01
G08-01Blazing Peppers$0.01
D06-04Blazing Peppers$0.01
D06-03Blazing Peppers$0.01
E10-11Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-10Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-09Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
E10-08Blazing 7’s Hot Shot$0.01
B02-02Brazilia AVP$1.00
I10-05Blazing Peppers$0.01
A22-12Celtic Queen$0.01
A22-11Celtic Queen$0.01
A22-10Celtic Queen$0.01
G08-04Cash Spin$0.01
G08-03Cash Spin$0.01
E13-04Carnival of Mystery$0.01
F04-03Cairo Treasures$0.01
F04-01Cairo Treasures$0.01
A11-03Cairo Treasures$0.01
A11-01Cairo Treasures$0.01
D06-06Ca$h’m if you Can!$0.01
D06-05Ca$h’m if you Can!$0.01
C10-02Ca$h Wheel Curve$1.00
C10-01Ca$h Wheel Curve$1.00
A22-09Celtic Queen$0.01
F04-02Cairo Treasures$0.01
A11-02Cairo Treasures$0.01
C10-03Ca$h Wheel Curve$1.00
H03-02Copper Cash$0.01
H03-01Copper Cash$0.01
G04-05Copper Cash$0.01
G04-04Copper Cash$0.01
G04-03Copper Cash$0.01
G04-02Copper Cash$0.01
E15-02Copper Cash$0.01
E15-01Copper Cash$0.01
A07-04Copper Cash$0.01
A07-05Copper Cash$0.01
A07-03Copper Cash$0.01
A07-02Copper Cash$0.01
A07-01Copper Cash$0.01
E12-11Choy Sun Doa$0.01
E12-10Choy Sun Doa$0.01
A31-11Celtic Queen$0.01
E15-03Copper Cash$0.01
E15-04Copper Cash$0.01
G04-01Copper Cash$0.01
A31-12Celtic Queen$0.01
D01-03Coyote MoonMD6
A25-10Copper Dropper (4 in 1)$0.01
A25-09Copper Dropper (4 in 1)$0.01
E06-05Copper Dropper$0.01
E06-01Copper Dropper$0.01
D09-05Copper Dropper$0.01
D09-04Copper Dropper$0.01
D09-03Copper Dropper$0.01
A19-06Copper Dropper$0.01
A19-05Copper Dropper$0.01
A19-04Copper Dropper$0.01
A19-03Copper Dropper$0.01
A19-02Copper Dropper$0.01
A19-01Copper Dropper$0.01
H08-04Copper Cash$0.01
H03-04Copper Cash$0.01
H03-03Copper Cash$0.01
E06-02Copper Dropper$0.01
E06-03Copper Dropper$0.01
E06-04Copper Dropper$0.01
A14-05Dangerous Beauty AVP$0.01
B06-03Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
B06-02Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
A20-05Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
A20-03Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
A20-01Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
F13-04Dancing in Rio$0.01
F13-03Dancing in Rio$0.01
F13-02Dancing in Rio$0.01
F13-01Dancing in Rio$0.01
F03-02Crystal Forest$0.01
F03-01Crystal Forest$0.01
F05-02Coyote Moon AVPMD6
F05-01Coyote Moon AVPMD6
D01-04Coyote MoonMD6
B06-04Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
B06-05Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
B06-01Dangerous Beauty 2 AVP-Progressive$0.01
D05-01Crown of Egypt AVP$0.01
D05-02Crown of Egypt AVP$0.01
C04-03Double Diamond Deluxe SAVPMD5
C04-02Double Diamond Deluxe SAVPMD5
C04-01Double Diamond Deluxe SAVPMD5
A18-04Double Diamond$1.00
A18-03Double Diamond$1.00
F11-04Double DaVinci Diamonds AVP$0.01
H02-03Double Bonus PokerMD2
H02-02Double Bonus PokerMD2
A21-02Double Bonus Frenzy Hot Shot$0.01
A21-01Double Bonus Frenzy Hot Shot$0.01
H08-03Diamond Hot Shot Progressive$0.01
H08-02Diamond Hot Shot Progressive$0.01
H08-01Diamond Hot Shot Progressive$0.01
E13-08Davinci DiamondsMD7
E13-07Davinci DiamondsMD7
B02-05Dangerous Beauty AVP$1.00
B02-03Dangerous Beauty AVP$1.00
B02-01Dangerous Beauty AVP$1.00
I01-01Double Diamond Deluxe SAVPMD11
F11-03Double DaVinci Diamonds AVP$0.01
E08-02Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
C01-06Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.50
C01-05Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.50
C01-04Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.50
C01-03Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
A01-02Double Diamond-WOGMD3
A01-01Double Diamond-WOGMD3
F18-02Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
F06-04Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
F06-02Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
B01-05Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
B01-01Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
A10-05Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
A10-04Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
I01-05Double Diamond Deluxe SAVPMD11
I01-03Double Diamond Deluxe SAVPMD11
E08-01Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
C01-01Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
C01-02Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
B01-03Double Diamond Free Spin$0.01
D04-03Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
B04-05Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
B04-04Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
A26-10Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
A26-09Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
A26-05Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
A26-02Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
F18-03Double Gold 9L$0.01
F06-05Double Gold 9L$0.01
F06-03Double Gold 9L$0.01
F06-01Double Gold 9L$0.01
B01-02Double Gold 9L$0.01
A16-04Double Gold 9L$0.01
A16-02Double Gold 9L$0.01
E08-04Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
E08-03Double Double Match Card Draw Poker$0.25
B04-02Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
F18-04Double Gold 9L$0.01
A26-01Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
B01-04Double Gold 9L$0.01
D03-05Fan-Tastic Gold$0.01
I06-02Empress of Time$0.01
I06-01Empress of Time$0.01
G10-04Egyptian Eyes$0.01
G10-03Egyptian Eyes$0.01
C08-02Double Strike SAVP$5.00
C08-01Double Strike SAVP$5.00
I03-06Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
I03-05Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
F06-09Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
F06-07Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
D04-09Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
D04-07Double Jackpot 7’s SAVP$0.01
D05-06Fire Pearl AVP$0.01
D05-05Fire Pearl AVP$0.01
F07-12Fire Light$0.01
F07-11Fire Light$0.01
E08-06Fire Light$0.01
E08-05Fire Light$0.01
B05-05Fire Light$0.01
A30-03Fire Light$0.01
A30-02Fire Light$0.01
A30-01Fire Light$0.01
I07-04Fan-Tastic Gold$0.01
I07-03Fan-Tastic Gold$0.01
D03-06Fan-Tastic Gold$0.01
E08-07Fire Light$0.01
F07-10Fire Light$0.01
B05-04Fire Light$0.01
F10-12Fortunes of Atlantis$0.01
F10-11Fortunes of Atlantis$0.01
B03-03Fortunes of Atlantis$0.01
B03-02Fortunes of Atlantis$0.01
E03-08Fort Knox Cleopatra – PROG$0.01
E03-06Fort Knox Cleopatra – PROG$0.01
A01-08Fort Knox Cleopatra – PROG$0.01
A01-07Fort Knox Cleopatra – PROG$0.01
A01-06Fort Knox Cleopatra – PROG$0.01
C07-02Five Times Pay — 5 LineMD2
C07-01Five Times Pay — 5 LineMD2
C05-02Five Times Pay — 5 LineMD2
F17-04Fireball II Afterburn$0.01
F17-03Fireball II Afterburn$0.01
E03-07Fort Knox Cleopatra – PROG$0.01
B03-01Fortunes of Atlantis$0.01
I07-02Garden of Amazon$0.01
I07-01Garden of Amazon$0.01
B03-05Garden of Amazon$0.01
B03-04Garden of Amazon$0.01
E12-06Fu Dao Le$0.01
E10-06Fu Dao Le$0.01
F02-01Gold Bar 7s SAVP – progressive$0.01
I03-04Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
F06-08Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
F06-06Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
D04-05Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
D04-04Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
E02-03Goddess Of Gold AVP – Progressive$0.01
E02-02Goddess Of Gold AVP – Progressive$0.01
E02-01Goddess Of Gold AVP – Progressive$0.01
A20-04Goddess Of Gold AVP – Progressive$0.01
A20-02Goddess Of Gold AVP – Progressive$0.01
F06-10Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
I03-03Gold Bar 7s SAVP$0.01
F16-02Gong Xi Fa Cai – Progressive$0.01
I11-01Goldfish III$0.01
F03-04Goldfish III$0.01
F03-03Goldfish III$0.01
A31-06Golden Tower$0.01
A31-05Golden Tower$0.01
F11-02Golden Goddess AVP$0.01
F11-01Golden Goddess AVP$0.01
F08-09Golden Goddess AVP$0.01
F08-08Golden Goddess AVP$0.01
A12-05Gold Master$0.01
A12-01Gold Master$0.01
A12-03Gold Master$0.01
F02-06Gold Bar 7s SAVP – progressive$0.01
F02-04Gold Bar 7s SAVP – progressive$0.01
F02-03Gold Bar 7s SAVP – progressive$0.01
F02-02Gold Bar 7s SAVP – progressive$0.01
I11-02Goldfish III$0.01
F16-01Gong Xi Fa Cai – Progressive$0.01
F02-05Gold Bar 7s SAVP – progressive$0.01
G09-06Great Owl$0.01
G09-05Great Owl$0.01
G09-04Great Owl$0.01
G10-06Great Africa$0.01
G10-05Great Africa$0.01
E02-04Great Africa$0.01
D08-04Great Africa$0.01
D08-02Great Africa$0.01
D08-03Great Africa$0.01
D08-01Great Africa$0.01
A22-04Great Africa$0.01
A22-03Great Africa$0.01
A22-01Great Africa$0.01
A22-02Great Africa$0.01
D09-07Good Cents$0.01
D09-02Good Cents$0.01
D09-01Good Cents$0.01
F16-04Gong Xi Fa Cai – Progressive$0.01
F16-03Gong Xi Fa Cai – Progressive$0.01
D09-06Good Cents$0.01
A28-04Icarus – The Journey$0.01
F09-06Hot Roll Triple Double Diamond SAVP$0.01
F09-05Hot Roll Triple Double Diamond SAVP$0.01
F09-02Hot Roll Triple Double Diamond SAVP$0.01
F09-01Hot Roll Triple Double Diamond SAVP$0.01
F09-08Hot Roll Super Times Pay SAVP$0.01
F09-07Hot Roll Super Times Pay SAVP$0.01
F09-04Hot Roll Super Times Pay SAVP$0.01
F09-03Hot Roll Super Times Pay SAVP$0.01
B11-04Hawaiian Treasures$0.01
B11-02Hawaiian Treasures$0.01
C11-03Green Machine Free Spin$1.00
C11-06Green Machine$1.00
C11-05Green Machine$1.00
C11-02Green Machine$1.00
C11-01Green Machine$1.00
A28-03Greatest Game in the West – Sensys$0.01
C11-04Green Machine Free Spin$1.00
A28-01Greatest Game in the West – Sensys$0.01
A28-02Greatest Game in the West – Sensys$0.01
A30-04Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
F18-06Jackpot 7’s Free Games$0.01
F18-05Jackpot 7’s Free Games$0.01
B09-04Jackpot 7’s Free Games$0.01
B09-02Jackpot 7’s Free Games$0.01
F03-06Invaders From The Planet Moolah$0.01
F03-05Invaders From The Planet Moolah$0.01
E14-03Instant Riches Gold Mine$0.01
E14-01Instant Riches Gold Mine$0.01
E14-02Instant Riches Buried Treasures$0.01
C09-07Ice Hot – Progressive$1.00
C09-08Ice Hot – Progressive$1.00
B11-05Icarus – The Journey$0.01
B11-03Icarus – The Journey$0.01
B11-01Icarus – The Journey$0.01
A28-06Icarus – The Journey$0.01
A30-05Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
E04-04Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
E14-04Instant Riches Buried Treasures$0.01
A28-05Icarus – The Journey$0.01
A25-02Legend of the Qin Dynasty$0.01
A25-01Legend of the Qin Dynasty$0.01
D06-02Las Vegas$0.01
D06-01Las Vegas$0.01
A27-04Las Vegas$0.01
A27-03Las Vegas$0.01
A27-02Las Vegas$0.01
A27-01Las Vegas$0.01
E05-04Kings Fortune Progressive$0.01
E05-03Kings Fortune Progressive$0.01
E05-02Kings Fortune Progressive$0.01
E01-03King Of The Andes$0.01
E01-01King Of The Andes$0.01
F07-09Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
F07-08Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
F07-07Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
E04-06Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
E04-05Jumpin Jalapenos$0.01
E05-01Kings Fortune Progressive$0.01
E01-02King Of The Andes$0.01
B08-04Lucky Fountain$0.01
B08-03Lucky Fountain$0.01
B08-02Lucky Fountain$0.01
B08-01Lucky Fountain$0.01
A29-04Lucky Fountain$0.01
A29-03Lucky Fountain$0.01
A29-02Lucky Fountain$0.01
A29-01Lucky Fountain$0.01
G11-01Lion of Venice$0.01
G11-02Lion of Venice$0.01
F10-08Lion of Venice$0.01
F10-07Lion of Venice$0.01
D03-02Lil’ Red$0.01
D03-01Lil’ Red$0.01
A20-10Lil’ Red$0.01
A20-09Lil’ Red$0.01
F15-02Lightning Jackpots$0.01
E16-01Lightning Jackpots$0.01
E16-02Lightning Jackpots$0.01
F15-01Lightning Jackpots$0.01
G05-03Lucky Lamp$0.01
G05-02Lucky Lamp$0.01
G05-01Lucky Lamp$0.01
A21-08Lucky Lamp$0.01
A21-07Lucky Lamp$0.01
A21-06Lucky Lamp$0.01
F18-08Lucky Hot 7s$0.01
F18-07Lucky Hot 7s$0.01
B10-04Lucky Hot 7s$0.01
B10-02Lucky Hot 7s$0.01
D05-04Lucky Horse AVP$0.01
D05-03Lucky Horse AVP$0.01
H09-05Lucky Fountain$0.01
E12-08Lucky Fountain$0.01
E12-07Lucky Fountain$0.01
B08-05Lucky Fountain$0.01
H09-03Lucky Fountain$0.01
H09-04Lucky Fountain$0.01
C05-01Lucky Fountain$1.00
E12-09Lucky Fountain$0.01
F08-11Midnight Eclipse AVP$0.01
F08-10Midnight Eclipse AVP$0.01
C09-02Midnight Eclipse AVP$1.00
C09-01Midnight Eclipse AVP$1.00
B09-08Midnight Eclipse AVP$1.00
B09-06Midnight Eclipse AVP$1.00
A14-04Michelangelo AVP$0.01
F19-02Michael Jackson Wanna Be Startin Somethin$0.01
F19-01Michael Jackson Wanna Be Startin Somethin$0.01
F19-08Michael Jackson King of Pop$0.01
F19-07Michael Jackson King of Pop$0.01
E09-04Medusa 2 – Mr. E Wins Progressive$0.01
E09-03Medusa 2 – Mr. E Wins Progressive$0.01
E09-02Medusa 2 – Mr. E Wins Progressive$0.01
I10-03Lucky Tree$0.01
I10-02Lucky Tree$0.01
I10-01Lucky Tree$0.01
G05-04Lucky Lamp$0.01
E03-05Mega Vault$0.01
E09-01Medusa 2 – Mr. E Wins Progressive$0.01
A02-02Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
A02-01Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
H07-04Monster Jackpots$0.01
H07-03Monster Jackpots$0.01
H05-03Monster Jackpots$0.01
H05-02Monster Jackpots$0.01
H05-01Monster Jackpots$0.01
D01-06Money Storm$0.05
G11-06Miss Liberty$0.01
G11-04Miss Liberty$0.01
F10-10Miss Liberty$0.01
F10-09Miss Liberty$0.01
F14-03Mighty Miner$0.01
F14-01Mighty Miner$0.01
A12-04Mighty Miner$0.01
A12-02Mighty Miner$0.01
F11-05Midnight Eclipse AVP$0.01
G11-05Miss Liberty$0.01
F14-02Mighty Miner$0.01
G11-03Miss Liberty$0.01
E07-02Nefertiti AVP$0.01
A01-04Mystical Mermaid Returns AVP$0.01
A01-03Mystical Mermaid Returns AVP$0.01
F05-05Mystical Mermaid AVPMD6
E13-06Mystical Mermaid$0.01
E13-05Mystical Mermaid$0.01
E13-03Mystical MermaidMD6
E13-02Mystical MermaidMD6
C03-02Mustang Money II$1.00
C03-01Mustang Money II$1.00
F13-08Mustang Money$0.01
H02-05Multi PokerMD2
I05-05Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
I05-02Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
I05-01Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
A02-03Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
F13-07Mustang Money$0.01
I05-03Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
I05-04Multi Game Poker 6 (TAP; W2; JBWDU; JPWDU)$1.00
H02-04Multi PokerMD2
A09-02Power Strike Dragon Wonder$0.01
A09-01Power Strike Dragon Wonder$0.01
G10-08Pirates Rose$0.01
G10-07Pirates Rose$0.01
H04-01Pirate Bay SAVP$0.01
H04-02Pirate Bay SAVP$0.01
D01-11Pharaoh’s FortuneMD6
D01-10Pharaoh’s FortuneMD6
D01-07Pharaoh’s FortuneMD6
D01-05Pharaoh’s FortuneMD6
I09-09Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
I09-08Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
F08-05Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
F08-04Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
F08-01Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
E07-04Nefertiti AVP$0.01
I09-06Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
I09-07Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
F08-02Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
F08-03Pan Pan Progressive$0.01
H05-04Quick Hit Cash Spin$0.01
H05-05Quick Hit Cash Spin$0.01
H07-02Quick Hit Ca$h Wheel Black & White$0.01
H07-01Quick Hit Ca$h Wheel Black & White$0.01
H07-08Quick Hit Ca$h Wheel$0.01
H07-07Quick Hit Ca$h Wheel$0.01
D02-05Quick Hit Black Velvet Curve$0.01
D02-03Quick Hit Black Velvet Curve$0.01
D02-01Quick Hit Black Velvet Curve$0.01
D02-04Quick Hit 24 Karat Curve$0.01
I09-02Prowling Panther AVP$0.01
E07-01Prowling Panther AVP$0.01
F11-06Prince of Lightning AVP$0.01
A09-04Power Strike Ramses Gold$0.01
A09-03Power Strike Ramses Gold$0.01
A09-07Power Strike Dragon Wonder$0.01
A09-06Power Strike Dragon Wonder$0.01
D02-02Quick Hit 24 Karat Curve$0.01
A09-05Power Strike Ramses Gold$0.01
E07-05Prowling Panther AVP$0.01
A24-07Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
A24-05Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
I08-07Quick Hit Platinum Stars and Bars$0.01
I08-05Quick Hit Platinum Stars and Bars$0.01
I08-04Quick Hit Platinum Stars and Bars$0.01
E11-07Quick Hit Platinum Stars and Bars$0.01
I08-06Quick Hit Platinum Black Gold Wild$0.01
E11-01Quick Hit Platinum Black Gold Wild$0.01
I08-03Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
I02-03Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
I02-02Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
A24-08Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
A24-06Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
H07-06Quick Hit Cash Spin$0.01
H07-05Quick Hit Cash Spin$0.01
H05-06Quick Hit Cash Spin$0.01
G08-08Quick Hit Platinum Black Gold Wild$0.01
G08-07Quick Hit Platinum Black Gold Wild$0.01
E11-03Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
I02-01Quick Hit Platinum Black & White$0.01
A31-02Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
A31-01Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
F07-05Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Wild Jackpot$0.01
F07-04Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Wild Jackpot$0.01
A06-03Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Wild Jackpot$0.01
A06-02Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Wild Jackpot$0.01
A06-01Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Wild Jackpot$0.01
A06-05Quick Hits Black and White Wild Jackpot$0.01
A06-04Quick Hits Black and White Wild Jackpot$0.01
I10-10Quick Hit Pro$0.01
I10-09Quick Hit Pro$0.01
I08-01Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
G08-06Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
G08-05Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
E11-02Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
A31-07Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
F07-06Quick Hits Triple Blazing 7’s Wild Jackpot$0.01
I08-02Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
E11-08Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
E11-06Quick Hit Platinum Triple Blazing 7’s$0.01
G09-03Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
G09-02Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
G09-01Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
E15-10Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
D02-10Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
A31-10Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
A31-09Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
A31-04Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
A31-03Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
C02-03Quick Hits Wild Jackpot Triple Blazing 7’s$1.00
C02-02Quick Hits Wild Jackpot Triple Blazing 7’s$1.00
C02-01Quick Hits Wild Jackpot Triple Blazing 7’s$1.00
A22-08Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Free Games Fever$0.01
A22-07Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Free Games Fever$0.01
E15-09Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
D02-07Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
D02-06Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
A31-08Quick Hits Wild Blue Jackpot Curve$0.01
D02-08Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
D02-09Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Curve$0.01
E13-09Sea MonkeysMD6
F10-04Safari Spirit$0.01
F10-03Safari Spirit$0.01
E04-03Road Trip$0.01
B05-03Road Trip$0.01
B05-02Road Trip$0.01
B05-01Road Trip$0.01
B07-02Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line (Bank2 XLDF)$0.01
B07-01Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line (Bank2 XLDF)$0.01
B07-05Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line$0.01
B07-04Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line$0.01
B07-03Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line$0.01
A08-03Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line$0.01
A08-02Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line$0.01
A08-01Quick Pay Jackpots 30-Line$0.01
A22-06Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Free Games Fever$0.01
E13-10Sea MonkeysMD6
E04-01Road Trip$0.01
E04-02Road Trip$0.01
A22-05Quick Hits Wild Red Jackpot Free Games Fever$0.01
A25-05Shen Long$0.01
A25-04Shen Long$0.01
A25-03Shen Long$0.01
A25-08Sheer Magic$0.01
A25-07Sheer Magic$0.01
A25-06Sheer Magic$0.01
H09-01Shaman’s Magic$0.01
H09-02Shaman’s Magic$0.01
B09-07Shadow of the Panther 9 Line$1.00
C09-04Shadow of the Panther$1.00
C09-03Shadow of the Panther$1.00
F16-06Sex and the City Multiplay AVP – PROG$0.01
F16-05Sex and the City Multiplay AVP – PROG$0.01
I09-05Secrets of the Forest AVP$0.01
I09-03Secrets of the Forest AVP$0.01
A14-03Secrets of the Forest AVP$0.01
F13-05Sheer Magic$0.01
F13-06Sheer Magic$0.01
D01-09Stinkin Rich$0.01
D01-08Stinkin Rich$0.01
D01-02Stinkin Rich$0.01
A01-05Stinkin Rich$0.01
F10-06Stack of Gold$0.01
F10-05Stack of Gold$0.01
D03-04Spartacus Gladiator of Rome$0.01
D03-03Spartacus Gladiator of Rome$0.01
A20-08Spartacus Gladiator of Rome$0.01
A20-07Spartacus Gladiator of Rome$0.01
A20-06Spartacus Gladiator of Rome$0.01
G10-02Sparkling Twilight$0.01
G10-01Sparkling Twilight$0.01
F14-06Smash the Pig$0.01
F14-04Smash the Pig$0.01
I09-04Siberian Storm AVP$0.01
E07-03Siberian Storm AVP$0.01
A01-09Stinkin Rich$0.01
D01-01Stinkin Rich$0.01
F14-05Smash the Pig$0.01
G06-04Timber Wolf$0.01
G06-03Timber Wolf$0.01
E01-05Timber Wolf$0.01
G06-01Timber Wolf$0.01
E01-04Timber Wolf$0.01
G07-03Three Kings AVP$0.01
G07-02Three Kings AVP$0.01
G07-01Three Kings AVP$0.01
D05-08The Swordsman AVP$0.01
D05-07The Swordsman AVP$0.01
H06-04Stinkin Rich$0.01
H06-03Stinkin Rich$0.01
G06-02Timber Wolf$0.01
F18-01Tales of Hercules AVP$0.01
A26-08Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A26-07Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A26-06Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A16-05Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A16-03Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A16-01Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A10-09Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A10-03Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A10-02Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
A10-01Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
C06-02Triple Diamond$0.25
C06-01Triple Diamond$0.25
I04-03Triple Chance Poker AVPMD2
I04-02Triple Chance Poker AVPMD2
I04-01Triple Chance Poker AVPMD2
G3-03Treasures of Olympus$0.01
G3-02Treasures of Olympus$0.01
G3-01Treasures of Olympus$0.01
F08-07Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.01
F08-06Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.01
D04-01Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.01
G13-04TRIPLE RED HOT 7’S FG$0.01
G13-03TRIPLE RED HOT 7’S FG$0.01
C08-04Triple Double Stars SAVP$1.00
C08-03Triple Double Stars SAVP$1.00
I03-08Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
I03-07Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
I03-02Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
I03-01Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
B10-05Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
B10-03Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
B10-01Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
B09-05Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
B09-03Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
D04-02Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.01
B09-01Triple Double Diamond FG SAVP$0.01
E03-04Wheel of Fortune Big Money AVP – PROG$0.01
E03-02Wheel of Fortune Big Money AVP – PROG$0.01
E03-01Wheel of Fortune Big Money AVP – PROG$0.01
A01-06Wheel of Fortune Big Money AVP – PROG$0.01
E16-06Vegas Hits Road Trip$0.01
E16-05Vegas Hits Road Trip$0.01
I01-04Triple Stars SAVP$1.00
I01-02Triple Stars SAVP$1.00
C04-05Triple Stars SAVP$5.00
C04-04Triple Stars SAVP$5.00
A18-06Triple Stars$1.00
A18-05Triple Stars$1.00
H01-05Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.25
H01-03Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.25
F08-12Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.01
E03-03Wheel of Fortune Big Money AVP – PROG$0.01
H01-01Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.25
F08-13Triple Red Hot 7s SAVP$0.01
I10-08Wonder Woman Wild$0.01
I10-07Wonder Woman Wild$0.01
F05-04Wolf Run AVPMD6
I10-06Wonder Woman Wild$0.01
F05-03Wolf Run AVPMD6
H06-06Wolf Run$0.01
H06-02Wolf Run$0.01
H06-05Wolf Run$0.01
H06-01Wolf Run$0.01
H06-08Wild Wolf$0.01
H06-07Wild Wolf$0.01
H10-04Wheel of Fortune-Triple Extreme Spin Duo – Progessive$0.01
H10-03Wheel of Fortune-Triple Extreme Spin Duo – Progessive$0.01
H10-02Wheel of Fortune-Triple Extreme Spin Duo – Progessive$0.01
H10-01Wheel of Fortune-Triple Extreme Spin Duo – Progessive$0.01
F15-04ZZ Top Live From Texas$0.01
F15-03ZZ Top Live From Texas$0.01
Games Test
Delacy Ford, Batavia New York
The Hotel at Batavia Downs

Must be 18 years of age or older to play video gaming machines or wager on horses. Please play responsibly.

Wagering on horse racing and playing Video Gaming Machines is entertaining and fun when done in a responsible manner. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call for 24-hour assistance at 1-877-8 HOPE NY or click HERE to visit the NY Council on Problem Gambling Support Directory. Click HERE for more information on our Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program.